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Kevin challenged 4M software owner to come up with an unbelievable offer.

This special version of the 4M Software “Shark Ware” will include all the features used by the pros at the lower price of our base model!!

It will also include:

 ✓ Shark version of software (professional) $5,600 value
 ✓ 3 staff trainings FREE   $750 value
 ✓ Tutorials free $150 value
 ✓ Any marketing packages 50% off
 ✓ Live events 50% off

We have teamed up with Original Shark, Kevin Harrington, to offer a special software package available for the first 200 doctors ONLY!

2 Years For Only $2600


“I want the Doctors that see the benefits and get in early to receive the greatest pricing package! After all, that’s what an Entrepreneur does — recognize opportunity!”